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Life on the land can be a lonely and sometimes isolated endeavour. When challenges arise, old solutions often provide only short-term fixes, and sometimes exacerbate problems in the long run. Growing Country was created to give insights into how, through best practice, our colleagues are responding to challenges and crises, and often avoiding them entirely.

As the world becomes ever-more connected there's an understanding that local challenges are very often global issues. By contributing to Growing Country you could be making a profound - even life-changing - difference to your farming community, whether they're just up the road or on the other side of the planet.

Types of contributions we're looking for

We're looking for ideas and leads for general articles, farm overviews and case studies. We focus on relatable, real-life situations where problems and issues have been either mitigated, resolved or improved through best-practice innovation. Perhaps you've implemented a regenerative system on your property that is reaping rewards? Maybe your team has developed a new technology or product that will help our community farm in a more profitable and sustainable way? Or, perhaps you're launching a new research project that requires community engagement.

If you have a story that can help our industry grow and graze in better ways, we'd love to hear from you today.

Have you got a story to share?

Our sector has a healthy appetite for best-practice stories and we're on a mission to share them to create a stronger, smarter and more sustainable industry. If you have a story, a breakthrough or research you'd like to share with the world, get in touch with us using the form below and our team will get back to you as soon as we can.

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