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  9. If you upload or send any ideas to us, we may use your ideas without payment to you.


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  4. If you notice an error in our content, you may let us know, and if appropriate, we may correct it.
  5. Our content may include opinions. These opinions may not be our opinions. We publish opinions with which we may not agree, for example, for the purposes or debate and discussion.
  6. If, at our request or otherwise, you submit content to us, including creative ideas, suggestions, proposals, plans, articles, photographs, videos, opinions, comments, reviews or other materials, whether online, by email, by postal mail, or otherwise (collectively, 'submission'), you agree that we may, at any time, without restriction, edit, copy, publish, distribute, translate and otherwise use in any medium the submission that you send to us. We are and shall be under no obligation (1) to maintain any submission in confidence; (2) to pay you for any submission unless we have a written contract with you do so; or (3) to respond or return to you to any submission from you.
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  1. Except as expressly provided in these terms and to the full extent permitted by Law, we are not liable for any indirect or consequential Loss, including loss of profits, loss of business, loss of goodwill, loss of reputation, loss of privacy, or any other special, incidental, indirect or consequential damages whatsoever (and whether caused by our negligence or our personnel or otherwise) including Losses arising out of or in connection with any act or omission of us relating to the content on our Website or Newsletters, recommendations or suggestions made on our Website or Newsletters, your use of our Website or Newsletters, the information contained on our Website or in our Newsletters, and the failure of our Website to operate correctly or its availability, whether for breach of contract, tort (including negligence and strict liability), or otherwise, even if we have been advised of the possibility of such damages.
  2. Unless prohibited by Law, and subject to the provisions below, our liability to you for all causes of action relating to our Website or Newsletters is capped at AUD$50.
  3. Where legislation implies into these terms any condition or warranty or provides any other rights or remedies, which avoid or prohibit provisions in a contract excluding or modifying the application of, or exercise of, or liability under such condition or warranty or other rights or remedies, the liability of us to you for any breach of the condition or warranty or under any other rights or remedies will be limited, at our option to one or more of the following:
    1. if the breach relates to products:
      1. the replacement or the repair of the products, or the supply of equivalent products; or
      2. the payment of the costs of replacing or repairing the products, or acquiring equivalent products; or
    2. if the breach relates to services, the supply of the services again or the payment of the cost of having the services supplied again.


  1. We may run competitions and giveaways. For certain competitions, additional terms and conditions may apply. These are located on the competition's pages of our Website, and such competition terms and conditions are incorporated herein.
  2. If you want to participate in such a competition, you must agree to the relevant terms and conditions applicable to that competition. In case of any inconsistency between such terms and conditions and these terms, those terms and conditions will prevail.
  3. Competitions may be limited to a particular geographic area or customer segment.


6.1 General

  1. Our Privacy Policy is located at and incorporate herein.
  2. By using our Website, signing up to our Newsletters, or by providing personal information to us, you agree to the terms of our Privacy Policy. 

6.2 Collection Statement

  1. We collect personal information about you to facilitate the operation of our Website, to send you our Newsletters where you subscribe to our Newsletters and for purposes otherwise set out in our Privacy Policy.
  2. When you browse our Website, we also automatically receive your computer's internet protocol (IP) address to provide us with information that helps us learn about your browser and operating system.
  3. We may disclose the information that you provide to us or that we collect about you to third parties that help us deliver our services (including information technology suppliers, delivery suppliers, and our business partners) or as required by Law. If you do not provide this information or consent to us collecting this information, we may not be able to provide all of our services or products to you.
  4. By providing your personal information to us, you consent to the collection, use, storage, and disclosure of that information as described in the privacy policy and these terms.

6.3 Further Information

  1. Our privacy policy explains: (i) how we store and use, and how you may access and correct your personal information; (ii) how you can lodge a complaint regarding the handling of your personal information; and (iii) how we will handle any complaint.


  1. You are not our agent or employee. You have no authority to bind us.
  2. We do not have fiduciary obligations to you.
  3. You must not assign or novate, directly or indirectly, any of its rights or obligations under these terms without our prior written consent.
  4. We may assign or novate all of, or part of these terms on written notice to you.


  1. If a dispute arises out of or in relation to these terms, the parties must promptly attempt in good faith to resolve the dispute.
  2. If the parties are unable to resolve the dispute within 21 days following notification of the dispute to the other party, then any dispute, controversy or claim arising under, out of or relating to this contract and any subsequent amendments of this contract, including, without limitation, its formation, validity, binding effect, interpretation, performance, breach or termination, as well as non-contractual claims, shall be referred to and finally determined by arbitration in accordance with the WIPO Expedited Arbitration Rules. The place of arbitration shall be Brisbane, Australia. The language to be used in the arbitral proceedings shall be English. The dispute, controversy or claim shall be decided in accordance with the law of Queensland, Australia.
  3. Nothing in this clause prevents a party from seeking urgent injunctive relief before an appropriate court.


  1. We may modify, add, or delete portions of these terms.
  2. Although we will post a notice of any material change to the terms on our Website prior to the change coming into effect, you are responsible for checking our Website periodically for changes to these terms.
  3. By continuing to use our Website or receive our Newsletters, you agree to be bound by these terms, as modified.
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  1. Any provision of these terms which is prohibited or unenforceable in any jurisdiction is ineffective as to that jurisdiction to the extent of the prohibition or unenforceability. That does not invalidate the remaining provisions of these terms nor affect the validity or enforceability of that provision in any other jurisdiction.
  2. These terms and, to the extent permitted by Law, all related matters including non-contractual matters, are governed by the laws of Queensland, Australia. In relation to such matters each party irrevocably accepts the non-exclusive jurisdiction of courts with jurisdiction in Queensland, Australia and waives any right to object to the venue on any ground.



The following definitions apply unless the context requires otherwise.

Intellectual Property means all industrial and intellectual property rights of any kind including but not limited to copyrights (including rights in computer software), trademarks, service marks, designs, patents, trade secrets, semi-conductor or circuit layout rights, trade, business, domain or company names, rights in Confidential Information, know-how and other proprietary rights (whether or not any of these are registered and including any application, or right to apply, for registration) and all rights or forms of protection of a similar nature or having equivalent or similar effect to any of these, which may subsist anywhere in the world, but excludes moral rights, and similar personal rights, which by Law are non-assignable.

Law means all applicable laws including rules of common law, principles of equity, statutes, regulations, proclamations, ordinances, by laws, rules, regulatory principles, requirements and determinations, mandatory codes of conduct and standards, writs, orders, injunctions and judgments, and includes any Privacy Laws.

Loss means any claim, loss, damage, liability, cost, charge or expense (including legal expenses on a full indemnity basis), however arising, and whether present or future, fixed or unascertained, actual or contingent.

Personal Information has the meaning given to that term in the Australian Privacy Act and includes information that identifies, relates to, describes, is reasonably capable of being associated with, or could reasonably be linked, directly or indirectly, with a particular person.

Privacy Laws means all legislation, principles, industry codes and policies, as amended or replaced from time to time, which relate to the collection, use, disclosure, storage or granting of access rights to Personal Information, and includes the Privacy Act 1988 (Cth).

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