What you'll find on Growing Country

Growing Country shares the latest in best-practice agriculture with everyone, from large-scale enterprises to hobby farmers, from policy makers to students. We showcase an ever-expanding crop of cutting-edge learnings from agricultural changemakers big and small.

The 21st-century agricultural community is truly global, offering us untold opportunities to learn from one another to ensure a profitable and sustainable future for all. We created Growing Country as a place for our community to share and celebrate the latest in best-practice agriculture.

As a visitor to Growing Country, you'll be able to enjoy a rich harvest of the latest technologies and techniques from some of our industry's most fertile minds. As a contributor, you'll not only be supporting your industry, you'll be elevating your profile and opening doors to business and networking opportunities with colleagues and markets all over the world.

Why is Growing Country important?

With population levels tipped to top 9 billion by 2050, our agricultural systems are under ever-increasing pressure to feed and clothe our world in not only sustainable ways, but in ways which improve the quality of our environment. Healthy agricultural systems rely on the sound stewardship of our natural systems, profitability to maintain robust and stable economies, and healthy societal ecosystems where farming families and communities thrive. The team at Growing Country are passionate about all these things; in fact, we believe our future depends on them.

If you're searching for effective ways to tackle problems like soil health or input reliance while maximising biodiversity, profits and well-being, you've landed in the right place. Growing Country is a virtual toolbox for our community to learn, share and grow using the latest breakthroughs and innovations, as well as time-tested know-how that's been perfected by generations of farmers.

How does Growing Country work?

Growing Country draws on the passion and knowledge of growers, graziers and agribusiness professionals like you. Think of Growing Country as an over-the-fence conversation where readers and contributors can learn from one another. Whether you pick up one or two tricks to make your life on the land that little bit easier, or a new methodology to totally transform your enterprise, you'll be glad you stopped by.

As well as publishing our own high-quality articles, feature videos and case studies, we also present the best content from likeminded practitioners, organisations and researchers. Everything we publish will sit on an easy-to-follow pathway, so you won't need to wade through pages of weeds to get to the information you and your enterprise need to flourish.

Not just a place for farmers

Growing Country gives everyone a front row seat to the best-practice revolution, sending up green shoots of hope all over the planet. Students, educators, policy makers, businesspeople ⁠- indeed anyone with an interest in ag ⁠- can access our ever-expanding library of videos and stories to support their research and decision making.

And remember, even if you're not directly involved in the agricultural industry, you're still an integral part of the system. So, whether you enjoy hamburgers or tofu, prefer hemp socks or cotton, Growing Country will give you greater insight and understanding into the inspiring work being done by the best practitioners in the food and fibre supply chain.