The Importance of Fungi in the World's Soils | Peter McCoy

In this video produced by Dr Elaine's Soil Food Web School, explore the unseen world of fungi, and discover their key role in farming and soil health with Peter McCoy, a pioneer in the field of mycology.

Peter McCoy, author of the book Radical Mycology and founder of Mycologos, the world's first mycology school, is pioneering the study of the unexplored world of fungi. In this video, Peter breaks down the crucial role of fungi in soil health and regenerative farming systems.

This webinar emphasises the indispensable role of fungi in early soil formation billions of years ago and the fungi-plant relationship that has evolved since. Fungi thrive in all soil layers and by decomposing and releasing acids, play a critical role in chemically weathering rocks and solubilising minerals.

Peter highlights their fundamental role in nutrient cycling, the breakdown of organic and inorganic sources and CO2 decomposition. He expects that the role of fungi in micro-remediation will be pivotal to the restoration of agricultural soils. This webinar showcases fungi's crucial contribution to sustaining global vegetation and soil fertility and how cultivating fungi benefits crop yield and environmental restoration efforts.


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