Growing Country Originals - Alaringa - Farm Overview

In 1999, agronomist Ian Moss - known to all as Mossy - took up a 40-hectare section of a run-down dairy farm, 'Alaringa', outside Pittsworth. After the big drought of 2017-2018, he realised that he had been treating his farm like a big backyard. Before Mossy knew it, his paddocks had turned to dust, he was hand-feeding his sheep, and when the rains did come, the erosion was severe.

That was when he realised he had the unique opportunity to use his farm to trial new techniques so that he could share his findings with clients. Today Mossy's property is integral to his business, allowing him to experiment and share his learnings with clients confidently. Now, that once run-down dairy farm is a thriving, drought-resistant oasis, and F.A.R.M. has grown into one of Australia's leading agronomy services.

In this video, hear how Mossy helps cropping and grazing farmers 'make sustainable profitable' through what he has learned on his own property.