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Natasha Lobban

Natasha Lobban has spent the past 20 years interviewing and writing about some of the best farmers in the business.

Natasha Lobban

Natasha Lobban is a mother, journalist and farmer who loves sharing positive stories from rural and regional Australia. Let's face it, she's also nosey, and like any good farmer is always keen to know what's happening over the fence and why. Natasha is fascinated by the many different agricultural industries, farming practices and personalities that shape our industry.

Born and bred in the NSW Riverina, like many before her, she left a small farming community with her sights firmly set on the big smoke. Just 12 months later she was working for a rural weekly newspaper and hasn't looked back, writing and editing for rural and regional publications across NSW and Victoria ever since. Today, she's also a proud sixth-generation mixed farmer at Eldorado, in North East Victoria. WIth her husband, she runs a family farm focused on breeding exceptional Angus beef, supplemented by a self-replacing Merino flock and first-cross lamb fattening. Cereal crops and pasture are also used as part of the farm's dirt-first philosophy, where soil health is prioritised and actively improved.

When she's not writing or farming, Natasha enjoys cooking, particularly with her own produce, as well as reading and photography.